You hear a lot about getting a glaze or maybe a toner; but what’s the difference?

Nothing! A glaze and toner are the same exact thing. A glaze is just a prettier word for it. Glazes are typically used on blondes to help ‘tone’ out unwanted brassy and yellow hues. But what most clients don’t know, a glaze can be used on any color of hair. Brunettes and even darker black shades can all have glazes done as well. Whether you want to freshen up your color or even give it some shine. Check out these other facts that you might not have known a glaze/toner can do!

Here are a few reasons why we suggest clients get their hair “toned” at least once!

    • Glazes make the hair more shiny and brings out dull colors
    • Conditions the hair; making it more smooth and silky
    • Helps to blend grey; used on clients who usually don’t do all over color
    • They only take 10 minutes
    • Most blondes always need one; highlights and Balayage
    • If you have brown hair and are wanting less caramel or even more; a glaze will help with that