Almost everyone reaches a point in their life when they wonder if they should take the plunge and get bangs. Some of us were even forced to have them as kids but that still doesn’t stop a majority of us from wanting them again.There are some things to consider before reaching for the scissors.

Bangs are a lot of work. It takes time to train your hair to stay the way you want. You also have to relearn how to style your hair to accommodate for your bangs! Although this isn’t a tough bump to cross, it is still something that should be considered.
Your bangs will grow faster than the rest of your hair. Since bangs are regularly trimmed, that promotes faster growth. Plus, since they are either laying on or framing your face, you’ll notice the difference quicker.
Lastly, what type of hair do you have? Is it curly, flat, fine, corse, etc? Texture plays a big role into what type of bangs you should consider getting.

So what kind of bangs are hot right now? There are plenty to choose from!

-Straight across blunt





-Face framing

So many different options, you may be asking, “Well which one works for my face?”
Longer, side swept bangs help elongate the face. This style is great for wide, round, and/or pretty much every face shape. This is also a great starter bang!
Straight across blunt bangs suit thinner, oval, and long face shapes because of the stark geometric contrast.
Swoopy, angled, and curtain-like bangs compliment heart-shaped faces by balancing the curves of the bangs and angles of the face.

Keep in mind:
*It’s important to balance your bang thickness with your hair! Thick hair= Blunt, thick bangs. Fine hair= soft/feathery bangs.
*Each style has a different level of upkeep. Those classic blunt bangs are trendy but they are also high maintenance. On the other hand, swoopy romantic bangs are trendy but low maintenance!     *Pixie bangs are great for hair with no cowlicks and/or curls.

If you’re still undecided, consult with one of our many talented stylists who are trained to know what hair looks best on you!