It can be difficult watching your hair getting thinner or shorter due to multiple different reasons. It seems like products and services are catered to those who have full long hair and you can not imagine how you could camouflage those mainstream type of hair extensions in your hair. Microbonding is the perfect solution for those who want more length, volume, and maybe even both! These amazing extension blend in flawlessly into your hair so that no one has to know you even have them!

So what are they?

Like mentioned before, Microbond hair extensions are a more natural looking solution to getting fuller or longer hair. Here at GoGlamorous, we use Babe Hair Extensions which are pre-infused with Keratin that is bonded with your hair. What’s so amazing about that? Keratin is a natural protein in hair that acts as the structural building block. This added protein from the extensions are strengthening your hair while you look fabulous!

How is it done?

Each extension can be cut and customized to fit your hair type. Your stylist then takes a section of hair, the amount depending on the section on the hair, and then places and infuses the extension tip close to the root of your hair. The keratin then bonds to that selected section and is heat infused to complete the process! This is repeated over and over until we achieve your desired look!


Microbond extensions are completely customizable to your hair! The style and thickness is tailored to your hair type as well which gives it the most natural-looking effect. Since the process is more tedious, less stress is put on the hair which allows it to move more freely and naturally. This makes styling it much easier as well! With proper care, these type of extensions can last up to 4 weeks!


Although there isn’t many, these type of extensions can be very time consuming! The overall process is very intricate and complex so they do take some time for your stylist to do and they must be professionally removed to prevent any damage to the hair. Other than that, these are a great solution to multiple different hair problems!