Many of us are evening time bathers or love getting fresh and showered right before bed. We think, “I can save so much time in the morning if I let my hair dry over night” but that’s a big no no. So what’s the big deal?

Our hair is the most vulnerable when wet because it is more elastic and fragile. That is when the most breakage and tangling happens, which is bad news for anyone trying to grow out their hair. Hair also becomes dull and lifeless because we can’t control the way it will dry! That’s how crazy frizz, flat sides, or weird waves happen. Worst of all, sleeping on what hair can create mold! Fungus and bacteria thrive in warm and wet environments and your wet head at night is the perfect place. When bacteria begins to grow, microorganisms start to harvest on your pillow which can cause infections, dandruff, and a nasty buildup on your follicles.

So what can you do?

~Try to at least try the roots of your hair with a hair dryer and wringing out your ends so that they are not soaking wet.

~Certain products such as Neuma’s Blowdry Lotion help decrease drying time so that your not stuck under the dryer forever! Apply that to your hair to make it smooth and dry faster.

If you HAVE to sleep with it wet…

~Change out your pillowcase to a silk case! This way, there is less friction on your hair which will help prevent breakage and you can avoid crazy frizz in the morning as well.

~Use products! Use a leave-in conditioner or other smooth products to maintain smoothness. These include:

  • NeuSmooth Illuminating Mist
  • NeuStyling BlowDry Mist
  • ReNeu Tangle Me Free Detangler
  • NeuStyling Smoothing Cremé

Your hair health is important so remember to be mindful of how to treat it!